SG welcome address

Dear Delegates,

It is my utmost pleasure and honor to invite you to the second edition of the Babcock International Model United Nations conference (BIMUN). This prestigious conference will take place from the 8 th to 13th July, 2018 in one of the leading private universities in Nigeria, Babcock University, Ogun state, Nigeria.

At the second edition, BIMUN is dedicated to making it a much more thrilling experience for you. The following points are reasons to join the nonesuch team as we strengthen and engage in discourse that transforms our world:

•  Dynamic, all-encompassing and well-informed debate. For 4 days, 700 youths from cross continents will meet for an unparalleled    discourse guided by the theme, “Addressing Climate-Change Induced Conflicts: A Road-map for Achieving the Sustainable
Development Goals.” Together with our dedicated staff of over 50, experienced bureau of 5 committees, and highly distinguished guests, we will provide the opportunity for delegates to experience the sophistications of diplomacy. For novice and experienced
MUNers, BIMUN offers a distinctive approach to stimulate greater involvement, debates, and skills, that will impart valuable skills for the outside world, and in particular, for national-level conferences that you may one day attend.

• Tremendously rich blend of learning and pleasure. Our thorough program-of-events have been put together to include variegated social and cultural events. You also have the opportunity to visit tourist locations in the State of robust historical blends.

• Knowledge of the UN. Attending the Babcock International Model UN is an avenue to learn with a first-hand experience, a lot about the way international organizations, such as the UN, work and what it is like to represent a country and try to defend its foreign policy.

• Build an influential youth network. Delegates have a chance to meet and connect with diverse and leading youth leaders and activists from various backgrounds; an opportunity that incontrovertibly births a life-long network of professionals with similar interests and

We will be happy to meet you in July 2018. Take a moment to explore other resources and information from our website, Please do not hesitate to contact us should  require any further information: Consider joining us and we will, without a doubt, share a lot and have fun together!

Best Regards,
Atinuke Elizabeth Ayowole
Babcock International Model United Nations 2018






BIMUN is a national initiative of young leaders to engage and energize young supporters around the work of the United Nations. It is the first Model United Nations in Nigeria organized by a private university and it is an internationally diverse Model United Nations Conference.

BIMUN empowers a new generation of young Africans to be leaders in helping the United Nations build a better world for all. Through an international network with over 54 African Countries, BIMUN facilitates youth engagement, advocacy efforts, education programs, and public events for African youths.