SG Welcome Address

Dear Delegates,
It is with great joy and honor I extend an invite to you, to participate in the Third session of the Babcock International Model United Nations conference. This conference will hold in the lush heart and serene environment of the prestigious fountain of Knowledge, Babcock University, Ogun State, Nigeria, from the 7th to 12th July 2019.

At this year’s conference, we shall be deliberating upon the theme Innovation as a pathway to Integration and Development: Challenges of a dynamic Africa.   You will agree with me that, many are the challenges Africa is facing in our contemporary time, ranging from poverty, poor economic growth, low development, bad leadership, complacent attitude of some citizens, poor education, violence, ill health, hunger and many more. It is expedient we burgeon on innovation as a means to attain a fruitful and sustainable end which is integration and Development.

Excellences, I will like to bring to your notice that many are the beneficial reasons why you should make yourself available for this conference, join me as I list below some of those reasons.

  • At BIMUN, close to 1,000 individuals and groups of delegations from different member Nations of the United Nations will converge under same roof for a week. This provides you the opportunity to interact with new people with similar vision, work in teams to develop resolutions, express views in a self-assured manner which boost confidence, make new friends and build your network across the globe.

  • BIMUN makes you acquainted with global issues, you get to expand your knowledge on so many international issues as you represent a country at a global level, you research in-depth into the country, Analyze and understand their foreign policy and considering which factor would influence the behavior of the country at an international level. Going through the intricacies of the issue, you will gain practical and substantial knowledge of world affairs.
  • BIMUN believes that astute analytical ability is a trait that helps you as a young individual at every stage of your life by solving problems through deep analysis. To help you reach the peak of this skill, you will be challenged and required to solve the task after examining the concerns of other countries, their past precedents and potential solutions then come up with an acceptable resolution.
  • BIMUN understands that diplomacy or the act of negotiation is not just restricted to conversations between two countries, but pertains to any purposeful exchange between two or more groups, and thus it is a very useful skill to possess. By practicing diplomacy at BIMUN, you will become more knowledgeable and experienced on how to conduct negotiations between groups in tactful and result oriented manner.

  • BIMUN testify to the fact that developing efficient public speaking skills takes time and practice, that is why you will be provided the ideal platform where you can explore and improve your capabilities. You get to express your views, debate in front of an audience and make speeches which gives you the opportunity to build on your public speaking prowess.

  • At BIMUN, the independence, challenges and teamwork will surely serve to enhance your leadership skills, as you take charge as a representative of a real world country. You will be encouraged to take decision and work out solutions as a leader of a country.

  • Aside the skills and benefits mentioned above and coupled with the act of lobbying, consensus building and substantial writing skills, you get to enjoy the beautiful and artistic nature of Nigeria, the culture, food, social life and many more. The fun aspect of BIMUN is one of a kind, the diplomatic cocktail and cultural night where delegates showcase their cultural outfits coupled with the famous AGBADA CHALLENGE is mind-blowing. Trust me you would not forgive yourself if you miss this life changing opportunity.

It will so much gladden my heart to meet you come this July, as we engage in meaningful discourse that will transform our world and make it sustainable for future generations. Should you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.  Join us this July and let us spend quality time together.

Kind Regards,
Ifeoluwa Damilola Kehinde

Conference Date August 4th - 8th 2024

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BIMUN is a national initiative of young leaders to engage and energize young supporters around the work of the United Nations. It is the first Model United Nations in Nigeria organized by a private university and it is an internationally diverse Model United Nations Conference.

BIMUN empowers a new generation of young Africans to be leaders in helping the United Nations build a better world for all. Through an international network with over 54 African Countries, BIMUN facilitates youth engagement, advocacy efforts, education programs, and public events for African youths.