BIMUN Executive Director's speech

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and members of the BIMUN community, I warmly welcome you to the official website of the Babcock International Model United Nations.

It is with absolute pleasure that I invite you to join us for the 7th Annual Session of Babcock International Model United Nations Conference(BIMUN). These past few years have seen us taking the initial steps in the fulfillment of our vision and fundamentally guided by our mission. For nearly a decade, delegates from around the world come to Babcock to discuss pressing international issues and defend their positions passionately. They learn how to negotiate with other people and collaborate with like-minded representatives. They work together on policy proposals and detailed programs in order to solve important global problems on topics ranging from climate change to international security.

I am extremely excited to announce to you the beginning of preparations for our next conference, BIMUN 2023, slated 6th -10th August. With the support of Babcock University, United Nations Information Centre Lagos (UNIC), sponsors and partners, notable United Nations Ambassadors who participate as speakers in the various committee meeting, we are launching the 7th Session of the BIMUN conference filled with exciting surprises and heated debate which would help pass workable and practical resolutions. At BIMUN, we have recognized that Africa is lagging behind with the development of Model United Nations (MUN), we are yet to comprehend and embrace the benefits of the experience.

This is a significant gap and we at BIMUN will know no rest until we have created both the awareness and a conducive environment for our young people to benefit from this opportunity. We have done this, over the past six years by making the conference accessible to 1870+ delegates who cannot afford the cost of international travels.

Model United Nations Conferences across the globe are originally guided by one fundamental aim- bringing the United Nations close to us. It is an experience that fosters the development of life skills which are never gotten from the walls of Colleges/Universities. Just like other MUN conferences across the globe, BIMUN’23 will present and represent youths from 45 countries who will sit round a table to argue constructively and proffer solutions to global challenges. It is our expectation at BIMUN that our delegates will be ignited with the passion of excellence that has shaped our fearless leaders like Thomas Sankara and Nelson Mandela.

As a team, we have adopted the United Nations 77th General Assembly theme thus: A Watershed Moment: Transformative Solutions to Interlocking Challenges. We uniquely adopted this theme in recognition that the world is at a critical moment in the history of the United Nations as a result of complex and inter-connected crisis including the COVID 19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, humanitarian challenges of unprecedented nature, a tipping point in climate change as well as growing concerns about threats to our global economy. We are aware that our delegates’ impact will provide tailor-made solutions to this crisis and build a more sustainable and resilient world for us and the generations to come .

We will subject the various committees to analyzing the economic development of Nation States through concise, substantive, forward-looking and unifying committee topics. It is an opportunity for young people to fuel debates towards a united, integrated, peaceful and prosperous Africa that can participate fully in international governance.
Dear prospective delegates, over our six years of existence, we have deliberated on topical issues of global concern which revolve within girl child education, insurgency, SDGs, climate change and regional boarder security. Our delegates have experienced how opinions can be completely differing and the arduous task of finding ways to harmonize the many voices into actionable plans.

I invite you all to accept the challenge to represent one of the Member States of the United Nations – present your ideas and solutions, discuss and debate with your colleagues, write real UN resolutions, and achieve the goal of passing the final resolution. We are confident, by our past testimonies that delegates who participate in BIMUN conferences go ahead to become policy shapers, community leaders, consultants and students become experts in their fields of study. At the end of the conference, we are certain each delegate would have learnt the importance of compromise, cooperation, lobbying, negotiations and consensus building during their time at BIMUN.

Excellences, thank you for accepting the challenge to create lasting positive global change under the platform of BIMUN’23. The BIMUN Team is determined to present to you an exceptional Model United Nations experience.
We cannot wait to host you in the lush heart of Babcock University, Nigeria.

Akwabaa once again and we look forward to welcoming you in person at the 7th Session of Babcock International Model United Nations Conference!

Diplomatically yours,

Chiemela Samuel
Executive Director
Babcock International Model United Natio-ns. (BIMUN) Nigeria

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