Frequenty Asked Questions

When is BIMUN 2024?

BIMUN 2023 will take place from Sunday, 4th August to Thursday, 8th August 2024

How long before I receive my confirmation mail?
Giving the traffic on the website, it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to receive the email. We advise you keep checking your spam folder.
How much is the delegate's fee? What is included in the fee?

How much is the delegate’s fee? What is included in the fee?
The delegate fee for BIMUN 2024 is thus;

International Delegates: $120

Nigerian Delegates: N75,670-early bird (deadline = 29th of March 2024)

N85,760-regular registration (deadline = 28th June, 2024)

Please note the delegate fee does not cover travel to and from Babcock University. The conference packages include Accommodation, Feeding, Internal transportation, Training, Diplomatic lectures, Dinner, Community development service, certificate, social events, conference materials, access to other international conferences, and a fully funded trip to any International Model United Nations for overall best delegate.

Where will the conference be held?

Where will the conference be held?
The BIMUN 2024 conference will be held in the lush heart of Babcock University, Nigeria. Visit: www.babcock.edu.ng

When and how can I apply to attend BIMUN 2024?

BIMUN delegates’ application has now opened. To apply, you will have to register through our application portal.

What is a "Faculty Advisor"?
A faculty advisor is normally a member of teaching staff who accompanies their institution’s delegation to BIMUN. Faculty advisors are uncommon, but may sometimes attend due to internal policies of the institution represented.
Can BIMUN provide me with an invitation letter to show my school/university?
The BIMUN Team is happy to provide invitation letters to persons/delegations that have registered, been approved, and have paid their fees.
Invitation letters are commonly used to justify absence from school or university.
To request one, please email info@bimun.org.ng
I never received my certificate from BIMUN 2017,2018,2019, 2021, or 2022. How can I get it?
First of all, BIMUN only administers certificates from the closure of one conference to the start of the next session. As such, certificates for BIMUN 2022 and prior sessions are no longer being issued.
How do I make payment for the conference?
Payments of delegate fees can be made through our online applications system, using Paystack or designated bank details which will be communicated to successful applicants via mail. Only in highly exceptional circumstances do we accept payment by other means.
What happens after I apply?
Following application, the BIMUN Team will review your application and either approve or decline it. Please note rejections are rare, but may become more frequent as capacity is neared. As we maintain beginner, intermediate and advanced committees, we cater for a wide variety of experience with Model United Nations and debate.
If approved, your application will be given time from approval to make payments for the delegate fees. If the deadline of the early bird opportunity is not met, you are still given opportunity to make payment during the regular registration window. If the regular registration deadline is not met, your application to BIMUN 2023 will be automatically declined. If payment is made successfully, you will be admitted to the conference. Thereafter you will be given a country of representation in specified committee, to be allocated by the BIMUN Team. Delegates who have paid and been accepted in the early bird window will receive theirs in March, while those for the late registration window will receive theirs in April or May. Each participant will then have time to prepare themselves for the conference, researching their topics and reading BIMUN’s Delegates Preparatory documents.
Can I attend BIMUN alone or do I have to be part of a larger delegation?
You can register as an independent delegate or as a delegation.
I have never participated in Model United Nations before. Can I still attend the conference?
Committees at BIMUN are structured to accommodate delegates from different backgrounds. For this reason you are welcome to attend even if you have little or no experience.
How do I prepare for the conference?

How do I prepare for the conference?
Once allocated a country to represent and a committee to debate in, you will have ample time to familiarise yourself with the topics of discussion and the ways of Model United Nations. Study guides for the topics debated in the specific committee will be made available. BIMUN also has a number of more general help guides to assist delegates in their preparation. All preparatory documents will be sent to successful applicants who have made financial commitment to attend BIMUN 2024.

Can secondary school students attend BIMUN?
BIMUN is a capacity building conference that is staged to help young people such as: High School, Graduate and Undergraduate. We accept students from secondary schools (roughly 50% of the conference) to aid them develop more rigorous thinking.
Can BIMUN provide me with an invitation letter to support my visa application to Nigeria?
The BIMUN Team is happy to assist persons/delegations in obtaining visas to Nigeria in order to attend the conference. Please note this can only be supplied if a delegate has registered, been approved, and made payment in full.
To request one, please email info@bimun.org.ng
Does BIMUN provide refunds?
BIMUN does not provide refunds for persons who paid to participate in the conference and can no longer attend. We do not normally provide refunds to delegates that failed to obtain visas to Nigeria.

We do not accept responsibility if we are unable to hold the conference and if a delegate is unable to attend the conference through circumstances beyond our/their control. These include (by way of example but not limitation) illness, industrial action, civil emergency, or the actions of third parties.

Generally, if a single delegate from a larger delegation is unable to attend, he or she can be replaced by another person from their institution and be refunded by the replacement. BIMUN is not involved in such transactions.

Is there a maximum number of delegates I can register in a delegation?
Our online applications system allows you to register as a single delegate. However, if you are part of a delegation, kindly state the name of your delegation in the required field.

Conference Date August 4th - 8th 2024

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