Annex I

Registration Form

1. Accommodation
Babcock International Model United Nations will kindly make your bookings at the official conference accommodation between 8th and 10th of July, 2018.
Upon acceptance of invitation, the secretariat will proceed to secure rooms.

2. Conference/Competition Venue

*  The 2nd Session of BIMUN18 Conference will hold in Babcock University, Ilishan Remo, Ogun State Nigeria.
*  The competition will hold at the Zacchaeus Olomojobi Main Auditorium.

3. Travels
* Upon acceptance of this invitation, you are requested to forward your itinerary to latest one month to the          conference/competition date.
*  The secretariat will provide also, upon receipt of itinerary, airport pickup and drop off.

4. Security
Maximum security has been provided for the entire conference period by the Nigerian Police Force and Babcock University Internal Security Operatives.

5. Registration Fee:
* The competition fee is #200,000 per school which covers the following for 2 days:
*  Accommodation for 10 students and a staff
*  Feeding for 10 students and a staff
*  Internal transportation for 10 students and a staff

* Souvenirs for 10 students and a staff

*  Competition materials for 10 students and a staff

–  The conference fee is #50,000 per student which covers the following for 5 days:
*  Accommodation
*  Feeding
*  Internal transportation
*  Training
*  Diplomatic lectures
*  Dinner with Ambassadors
*  Community Development Service
*  Certificate
*  Social Events/ Tourism
*  Conference materials
*  Access to other international conferences
*  Fully funded trip to any International Model United Nations for the overall best delegate

6. Rules:
* There must be ten (10) students
*  Only Senior Secondary School Students are allowed
*  Registration fee must be paid after project has been approved by the secretariat latest 30th March, 2018.
* Each school must appoint a member of staff who will coordinate the competition within the school and act as our main point of                     contact.
*  Each school must register before starting projects and to submit projects for feedback before implementing them. This is to ensure         all  projects are of United Nations standard, are fully supported by their school and to avoid cases of repetition of goals/targets.
*  All students must appear with their school Identity cards (ID CARD)
*  Each school must display a video process of project during presentation
*  Students are expected to explain video process
*  Parents are allowed to come with school delegation.
*  The decision of the judges are final.
*  Schools reserve the right to make changes one week to competition date.
*  Each participating school must arrive the conference venue on the 9th July, 2018.
* Completed forms are to be submitted to with a copy to Greg Ifunanya ( ) on           30th March, 2018.

7. Phases:
–  Phase 1: Idea Generation
* Each school can submit your project plan for feedback. The secretariat will provide feedback on project ideas – we encourage all                 schools to submit their projects for feedback prior to starting their project.
–  Phase 2. Project Implementation
*  March, 2018 to June 2018
*  Students can implement their project plans and turn their ideas into reality upon acceptance of school authorities.
*  Students can start their projects anytime from March 2018 onwards.
*  Before you start, we encourage your school to submit your project plan for feedback from our team.
*  We will provide technical support and guidance and will be on hand to provide further feedback as you develop and implement your          projects.
*  Please ensure your school is registered and you have a teacher who is overseeing your team. We will be sharing a regular bulletin with all registered teachers and will send project feedback to your teacher to share with you.
–  Phase 3. Competition Submission
*  Deadline for submission of project: 31st June 2018
*  School reflection and submission of evidence of impact
*  We will provide you with further details to all registered schools and students on how to submit their project report.
*  We will announce the winner on the 10th July, 2018.

8. Participation:
*  Participants in the competition will work in a team of 10 students (self-selecting).
*  The competition is aimed at students aged 10 to 17 years in the 2018-19 academic year, however if you have students who are                    younger/older wishing to take part we will not exclude your participation. Please email if you have any        questions about eligibility.
*  Please note our winning team will be offered places on our BIMUN Catalyst programme, we therefore encourage all teams to have under-18s on the team who would therefore be eligible to take part in future programmes.
Please note: there are limited slots of participation for schools available.

9. Prizes:
* The winning school will receive a cash award of #700,000, 2nd school will receive #500,000 and 3rd position will receive #400,000            respectively.
* Winning school will receive an award from the United Nations Humanitarian coordinator, Nigeria.

*  Participants in this programme are entitled to a discounted place on our other BIMUN conferences.
*  All participants will receive a United Nations named certificate at the end of the programme.
*  All submissions received on time will receive feedback on their projects.