The United Nations (UN) has reiterated need for countries to work together for humanity in view of their inter-connectedness, for the purpose of preventing conflicts across the world.

Speaking at the Babcock University International Model United Nations (BUIMUN) seminar, at Ilishan –Remo, Ogun State, tagged: Sustainable Development Goals: A Universal Push To Transforming The World”, Director of UN’s Information Centre, Mr. Rolan Kayanja affirms that youths need to broaden their horizons, as well as to learn and network to establish peace, secure human rights and enable all people of the world to live in dignity.

The session was fashioned after the conventional United Nations general assembly and was presided by a sitting President, Fadilo Ahmad, who was assisted by the Secretary General, Samuel Chiemela and under Secretary General Delegates’ affairs, Salma Ibrahim.

Kayanja, represented by Ms Bolanle Olumekor, said the UN is committed to improving living conditions everywhere through the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“Today, people around the world are inter-connected. “Conflict, environmental destruction, poverty and injustice affect everyone. We have to work in common cause for our common humanity. All parents want better life for their children. All religions value peace. All communities thrive when they value diversity.

“By learning and networking, you can be part of the UN’s efforts to establish peace, secure human rights and enable all people live in dignity. All these areas, we can benefit from your enthusiasm and your ideas. I hope you follow our social media accounts and stay fully engaged in your communities.”

Chairman, Senate committee on Special Duties, Senator Abdu-Aziz Nyako, who noted that the National Assembly would be coming up with resolutions that will improve the lot of youths in the country, said its the youths that can solve the challenges plaguing the world today.

He said: “You have left your countries to think of the future, therefore you need to bear in mind the kind of change you want to see in the next five to 20 years.

Do you want the world to remain the way it is or do you want to see a change?” he asked. Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. S Tayo, said the essence of the programme is to inspire the youths on the need to have vision of making the world a better place.

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